Thursday, August 23, 2012

another wish(es)

Hola Dear Reader, so sorry for the hardly-ever new post here – well, have anyone been missing me? Lol :D

I’m literally unemployed with nothing much to do, but somehow blogging wasn’t a way I wanted to waste my time on. This past month was Ramadhan and I admit I didn’t think much about blogging. --___--

Well, Ramadhan had passed and now it’s already Syawal, so still with a motto “better late than never”,  I’m gonna say this:
Eid Mubarak 1433 H, Dear Reader!
If human is made to be imperfect, then a sincere forgiveness is a way to complete the imperfection. I apologize for the mistakes I did both those within my consciousness and those I did unconsciously. May Allah bless our Ramadhan and let us meet another one next year and so on
How fast time flies. Months had passed since the day I had myself registered as Unair student. 
I’m feeling a bit, err, lost, of what I had spent between that day and today. Having a long holiday, huh?
However, it’s really reaching the day when I should begin my new episode of life – a new adventure!

I dunno whether I will write here as much as what I did when I was a high schooler or not, I’m not making anymore promises about writing (oh shame on me).  I simply still don’t have a clue of what awaits me ahead. Will I be busy? Will I be all absorbed to my new life?

All in all, Dear Reader, again and again please wish me luck yaaa!
I wish for all your best pieces of life in your unimaginably blessed life!
Thank you :)