Tuesday, June 28, 2011


hey hey Dear Reader, soo sorry I've taken so long for updates

well, I'm kinda busy right now
I have some drafts about what I've been up to lately
but I haven't got a chance to write
maaf yaa, jadi belum bisa cerita-cerita nih *kaya ada yang nungguin, huh pede lo!#ditabok

please please please wish me luck yaaa, Dear Reader
gonna be back soon, I hope :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

hectic but nice

Bulan Mei udah lewat yah? *toeng, baru bentar kok, baru 10 hari --__--

tenang. aku bukannya habis hibernasi di gua lawa sampe ngga tau Mei udah ganti Juni kok, Dear Reader, I know precisely how my days have passed. 

frantically, it was another hectic-tight-month. hyeeah. but I'm feeling prolific yeeah! hehehee

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Like a morning-sunshine

again and again, I wanna say to the world that I LOVE SMANSA!
sekarang aku nggak akan ngomongin semua alasanku deh, aku udah ngantuk nih =.=
tapi harus nulis sekarang, harus! keburu mood-nya ilang untuk nulis ini..

Aku suka dan selalu senang 
when people lightly calls my name "Nadhilaaa!"
brightly smiling at me, cheerfully waving and greeting each other "Halooo!" "Haaai!"
kadang adaa aja yang bisa diomongin pagi itu, ya ulangan lah, tugaslah, rapatlah, janji kumpul lah, dll
meeting the teachers, "Pagi, Paak" - "Pagi, Buuu" atau senyum dan salim...

aku suka dan selalu senang suasana pagi seperti itu
mood rasanya bagus deh, aura positif di mana-mana
jadi semangat dan lebih siap untuk menghadapi hari
karena itulah atmosfernya SMANSA ngangeniiiiin banget :)

aku suka dan selalu senang suasana pagi seperti itu
it is nice, warm, and somehow calming --- like a morning-sunshine!

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Oh my oh my, I am awfully happy!

I've always have my interest at books and literature.
Well, I'm not always in mood to read, but I've always had my eyes on books.

I say I'm rather obsolete. I love old and classic-literatures more than most of the now-era-books
Sastra Indonesia and English literatures, I love them both, at least for now since I haven't figured out about others.

Now back to the topic,
why on earth I am happy? (see my caps locked title up there! hahahaha)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

what discovery/ies?

Yeah I did it intentionally, Dear Reader, naming my posts with discovery#

Sometimes when I think about something, randomly
sometimes "galau" also,
I need a space to relieve that thoughts.

Oftenly, giving titles is not always easy.
So I decided to make it simple by titling my posts with "discovery"

It really was a discovery to know and understand something new

And I do realize recently I did my posts in English
It is happening for no reason, apparently.
I'm just in the mood to write in English hehee

Hope you are okay with everything :)


"It is not everything always reminds us about something,  
but actually we are thinking about that "something" 
and then the world is showing us what we are thinking"

I used to think that there are a lot of things brings me to "that"
I used to get exhausted knowing there are too much out there that had been influenced by "that"

Now I've just realized,
that it is not things keep reminding me about "that", replaying the imaginations of whatsoever
but eventually it is me thinking of "that"
it turns out that it is me missing "that"



it is good to be at your worse
that's when people's real faces revealed

at that moment, you can see who is the foe, who is the comrade.

I've been through that, once, or even more.
And I always find you there, always find you here.
Thank you :)

Friday, June 03, 2011


Dear Nadhila,

I know you've been through a lot this semester, and quite a lot more this year.
Now we've come to the almost-end 11th grade period, haven't we?

Hey let's see
After all you've done this semester
all your struggles, hardships, continuously turning upside down life, 
are you gonna end this year's lifeflow beautifully
or, because you had given all you have for those things back then, you have used all you energy up thus this ending is just gonna pass without any final effort?

Come on!
It is reaching nearly the end,
let's give all we have out -- yes damn all of it -- for this final battle!