Sunday, June 05, 2011


Oh my oh my, I am awfully happy!

I've always have my interest at books and literature.
Well, I'm not always in mood to read, but I've always had my eyes on books.

I say I'm rather obsolete. I love old and classic-literatures more than most of the now-era-books
Sastra Indonesia and English literatures, I love them both, at least for now since I haven't figured out about others.

Now back to the topic,
why on earth I am happy? (see my caps locked title up there! hahahaha)

I just found two perfect sites for my thirst of english classic books, yeah!
Oh My God, it delighted me soo much!
The first is the Project Gutenberg (which I have known long before, but I just found out a few moments ago that it is incredibly awesome!)
and also the Planet E-book which I haven't explored so much yet, I guess they have smaller amount of books compared to the Gutenberg. They provided Jane Austen's, Charles Dickens', and more classics english literatures, and moreover it is the happiest part -- hell yeah It is FREE!

Pride and Prejudice, really a good one of Austen's 

Just for your information, classic books are quite expensive, gosh!
Indonesian classic novels published by Balai Pustaka are in the range of 55000idr and more, which is expensive for my allowance.
Moreover, English classic literature, the english version --yeah I don't read the Indonesian-translated one, it is usually lack of grace and beauty, I'm sorry to say that-- are way much more expensive. >,<

Anyway, I used to find the very much cheaper and very very very much simpler version of the books published by Dian Rakyat, the most expensive one was 22000idr I guess. But lately I found it is hard to get those books, dunno why. -.- 
Those books are quite simpler than the original books, yes, because it is English-learner oriented actually. We can see the level of comprehension on the back cover of the book, whether it is starter, beginner, elementary, intermediate, or upper level. It was enough to give at least the major plots of the story, but yeah it is lack in the beauty of the classics.

Now I've found sites providing great classics ebooks, for free!
Oh my, I will have my thirst of them satisfied well, I hope :)

--- What do you think?
Am I weird? Hahahaha, think whatever you want, Dear Reader. I indeed love the classics, and I'm proud of it :)

Have a super nice day, Dear Everyone! :D

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