Friday, June 03, 2011


Dear Nadhila,

I know you've been through a lot this semester, and quite a lot more this year.
Now we've come to the almost-end 11th grade period, haven't we?

Hey let's see
After all you've done this semester
all your struggles, hardships, continuously turning upside down life, 
are you gonna end this year's lifeflow beautifully
or, because you had given all you have for those things back then, you have used all you energy up thus this ending is just gonna pass without any final effort?

Come on!
It is reaching nearly the end,
let's give all we have out -- yes damn all of it -- for this final battle!

Give your best!
Whatever the result would be later, keep that for later.
The most important and real thing right now is simply just : Be TOTAL.

Yang penting udah usaha pol-polan, Nadh
Ayolah, kerahkan semuanya!
Menyesal tu datengnya belakangan
Nah udah tau gitu, biar nanti ngga menyesal di belakang
all you have to do is giving your utmost best now, that's all you can do

Be calm now.
Always remember The One Who Always Keeps His Promises
"Sesudah kesulitan ada kemudahan"

Bismillahi arrahmaani arrahiimi.
 I do hope someday in the future, when I see and read this post again, I'll be able to say
"Thanks God, I really did my best"

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