Friday, January 08, 2010

Here is my first step!

Yes, this is my first step in blogging world! Welcome, my me! :D

First of all, I guess I need to tell something about me.
I am Nadhila Atsari. I'm just a merely-common-Indonesian teenager. Till now I live my entire life in this beautiful homeland, Indonesia. And I'm sure I'll write very much more about me in the next posts. So I guess for now it's enough.

Well, I had wanted to start this first step so long time ago, but I didn't have enough courage for this. But somehow, some minutes ago I really wanted to have my own blog so I began the process, till where I am right know.

This very second, I'm sitting on my room's wooden floor, hands on keyboard, classic music is on my playlist, my mind producing these words, I basicly just wanna say this:

"Here I am. Opening a new-place for my own self, having my own rooms to tell the world what I wanna say, well, I'm happy. I hope this step, and the next step I will go on, will bring something different in my life. Something better, not only for me, but for everyone!"

Amiin. Insya Allah. Bismillahirrahmanirrahiiim.

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