Sunday, February 28, 2010

Detective Conan Movie 14 : The Lost Ship in the Sky

Hey good news for all Detective Conan fans!
Detective Conan 14th movie will be aired in April 17 2010!!
Ohhhhh great news for all Nihon jin!
Indonesians like me will have to wait till the dvd is out, I guess.

The 14th movie is titled Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky (名探偵コナン 天空の難破船, Meitantei Konan Tenkuu no Rosuto Shippu)

Wanna know what this movie is about?
Jirokichi Suzuki, Sonoko's uncle, invites Conan, Ran, the Junior Detective League, and others to ride Bell Tree, the largest airship in the world, for a six-hour trip to Osaka. However, Kid has his eyes set on the Lady of the Sky, a jewel aboard the vessel. Also, the mysterious terrorist group known as Red Siamese Cat will try to hijack the airship itself. (from largest encyclopedia ever, wikipedia)

Well I have to say this:
This news actually was on the official website since December 9 2009. But I just knew it few minutes ago, so I guess I will post this news, no matter how old the news already is. Ahh I'm excited!

I found the trailer in youtube. Oh I wanna see this movie! Yay!

See the picture above? What do you think?
Yes, that is Ran kissing Kaitou Kid! I was shocked seeing that pict!
Oh I'm sure this movie gonna be wonderful! Yeah, Let's wait April 17 2010!

September 23 2010: 
Just updated: It was officially stated that the DVD version for the 14th movie will be released October 8 2010! Come on, let's wait longer, it is in the next few days ! 

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