Friday, February 12, 2010

Violin o Violin

If you ask me, what thing I need most in my life, to make a peace within myself? I'll surely answer, "It's my violin ~ my accompaniment, my balancer, my soulmate"

I LOVE VIOLIN sooo much. I guess I've been in love with this instrument since I was much younger than now. I kinda love violin, piano, and guitar. But it was only "love" without any realization. Then I started to get in touch with guitar in my late 13. In my 14, around 6 months ago, I actually left my guitar and started to play the violin. I found my real passion here, and I guess violin will be my instrument till the end of my life. Oww kinda hiperbolic! :D

Well, I'm not a pro, not yet. Told ya, I just started it. And moreover, I started in my 14, and I don't have any music background, nor music fanatic family. I am a mere beginner and I tried my best in it.

I do admire Antonio Vivaldi for his masterpiece ~ "The Four Season".
His music catch my ear, and I fell in love with his music soon after that. My love to violin and my passion in classical music grew deeper and deeper. Then I can't help holding my desire to learn to play it, so I beg my mother to let me learn the violin. In other words, Vivaldi had a great role making me learning violin.

I'm not aiming to be a great violinist, no. I know my ability, my limit. I basicly just wanna play it for myself, for people around me perhaps. I wanna play it, have some fun, enjoying music especially the classic ones which I love so much. And mostly I play violin to balance my life. Really, violin did a great job balancing my mood and mind.

I live a hectic life. I can't deny I have many activities in my high school life which I love and enjoy very much. I found I need something to balance my life, to decrease the stress rate, to harmonizing the rhyme of my life. Then I found violin helps me living better.

To play the violin means you need to be patient and relax. Play it softly, so it will produce its great voice. Relax, and violin will be your best tranquilizer. Play it patiently, and you'll feel its beauty. No need to rush, let the note flow and enjoy the melody.

Hahaha, those words sound hiperbolic. Eventhough I'm still a beginner of the beginners, I guess I know the passion in violin. Play it more, feel it more. Be ready to see the beautiful colour in your life drawn by the violin.

Vi - ai - o - el - ai - en. el - o - vi - e. :)

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