Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting Stuck!

Great, I'm getting stuck!

Tomorrow till February 27, my school will held the Mid-Semester Test for ten and eleven grader, and final semester test for the 12 grader. From that fact, should not I study for the test at this moment?

but the problem is, I'M GETTING STUCK. I read the books, notes, and trying to comprehend them, yes I'm doing those things. But I just feel I am getting nowhere.

I planned to get better mark this semester. In this condition, how can I expect the good score? I am so HOPELESS.

I dunno what happened to me. Maybe I'm bored. Perhaps I'm exhausted.

Nooo, wake me up!
Someone, somewhere...

I'm stuck, hopeless, and exhausted.


I think I know whom I need to face in this situation, in every situation.
Bismillahirrahmanirrahiiim, Ya Allah, I'm doing my best!
oh stupid, how dare, why I didn't realize this sooner?
Well, thanks God, I'm writing this post, and my mind process better.
I'll do my best!

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