Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Power of Mindset

Hey hay, I know I am supposed to study at this moment since my first mid-test is at the next 6 hours . Or I'm supposed to sleep now? No no. I don't wanna miss this moment!

Sometimes, especially at the time like this - midnight, where the world is at the calmest moment, I usually fly here and there in my mind, thinking about anything, even the freakest thing, the worst thing, or the unimaginable things. I used to do those things, gals. I did that just now. And suddenly, I wanna write it down directly, I don't wanna miss it. Okay, focus on the point.

I just happened to think, some people asked "How could you, Nadhila, still maintain your good scores with those bunch of activities and your tight schedule?" At that time, I couldn't say anything except "Alhamdulillah"
Well, before I continue, I need to clarify that I don't have any intention to be cocky, or proud, or things like that. Okay?

Then, back to the point, I was thinking about that question.
I believe there's a reason for everything, not only destiny, but there must be a concrete answer and reason for anything, everything.

I was in deep thought. I understand my main duty as a student, yes, study is my main duty. Duty for whom? Duty for my parents, who are working hard for me, my sister and brother. Duty for my faith, my homeland, and myself.
Being involved in those school activities, organizations, extracurricullar, and competitions are pure my own decision.
I know what decision is.
Decision is something you are ready to go on, something that gives you more responsibility, consistency, and you are ready to face whatever caused by the decision. That's what decision is, I thought.

In other words, I set my mind that "I'd like to join and do things which have my interests, and I won't neglect my main duty. Whatever, however, my main duty is always my priority and my extra-activities should not and will not bother my main duty"

Because I have that thought, I ensure my self that I will be responsible and consistent for what I chosed to do, to live. Because I have great believe in that thought, that thought became my mindset.

With that mindset, my body, my mind, and my soul work according to that mindset. I can do more activities since my body, mind, and soul are ready to face more responsibility. And I can reach the goals I planned, and achieve what I wanna get.

Subhanallah, The Holy Allah, our mind ia The GREATEST TREASURE, GREAT GIFT from God!
Should not we appreciate it more and use it well?
Our mind is powerful! Our brain is AMAZING! Subhanallah!

So, from my simple thought, I guess I can say:
"To achieve what you want to achieve, to be what and who you want to be, create your own figure and thought, believe in it, and hold tight your own mindset. Your body, your mind, your soul, your life will adjust according to your mindset, and there will be time you reach what you had dreamt to reach."

Well, this is only my thought. You may believe it, and you also may not to.
But, logically, it is not imposibble, isn't it?

Before I end my post, I want to affirm this
"Everything in this world and universe is God's. All we can do is just taste them. The owner is always Allah. Allah can take anything, everthing in less than a blink!"

Akhirul kalam, Let's think, Let's create our own mindset!

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