Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ma Soeur, Mon Frère

If one ask me,”Whom do you love best after your parents?”
I’ll directly say “My sister and my brother”
If ones asks me,” Who has the most influence to you until now?”
I’ll definitely answer “It has to be my sister and my brother”.
I simply cherish and adore them. I love them very much. That’s it.

What do you think of siblings?
Do you ever think siblings as nuisance, disturbance, something you don’t need, someone whose existence is not important, and someone you’d rather get rid off? Or even perhaps, someone whom you (ever) hope to die?
I hope you'll say: "What?! What do you mean? Of course not.. they're good people..."

Well, I have to say, at my younger age, I didn’t think much about my sister and my brother, I don’t care so much of them. I was full of myself. When the young me irritated by my brother, I even thought “I hate him! He doesn’t understand me! Does he need to yell that loud to me?!” When I wanted to play a bit and don’t have anyone to play with, I came close to my sister. But at the time she was bad mood and didn’t want to play with a kid like me, I used to think “Sis didn’t care of me. ALLRIGHT, I don’t need you! See, I can play by my self!” I used to think I don’t want to have an older sister and brother, I just need a little brother or a cute little sister!

The younger me knew nothing - not a bit.

As the matter of fact, my sister and my brother did care of me, so much more than I had ever thought! I used to ask this and that, wanted A and B, demanded to what and what. And at the time like that, they used to follow my wish and made me happy. They even care about my education. They were the one who taught me how to read, count, write, and how to read Qur’an. When their school started a bit late than usual, they walked me to the kindergarten, or even they picked me up and walked me home. They sometimes took me where they went to play with their friends. We watched the TV together, we spent much time together and I was happy. But stupid of the younger me—I didn’t realized how much the meaning of those all togetherness!

Now it is hard to make some time to be with them... I regretted cause I didn't keep enough memories about our times together back then..

I was not a cute little sister that would smile to them and made them happy. No, I know I wasn’t that type of little sister. To be honest, I was a total crybaby, spoiled, persistent, and very annoying! So they needed to be extra-patient and often succumb to their little sister (I wonder if they're happy having me as their little sister, have they ever fed up with me? They supposed to be, I guess). That’s why, they are the best!

As I got older and older, I got to understand more about them and got the view from their side. They had the responsibility from my parents to take care of me, even educate me. I no longer yearned for younger sibling. I am contented with all I have now, they’re so much more than enough for me.
As the time going I realized how much I love them. How much I need them by my side. How big their role of making me as the Nadhila today. They’re irreplaceable, priceless.

To me, sibling-hood is amazing.
Siblings ~ they’re s very good friend who know you best, more than any best friends you ever have, they’re someone you know from your/their born, someone who grows up with you and ready to accept you whatever happen to you, someone who knows how bad you look when you woke up in the morning - yet, they love you, someone who accompany you going on the path of your life, they will definitely be by your side in your ups and downs during your life journey, and of course they are Allah SWT’s great mercy to you, because they’re yours ~ they are bonded to you as your family .

I definitely will write more about my sister and my brother. I just wanna share to the world, how grateful I am having them as my family!

わたし は おねえちゃん と おにいちゃん が いちばん すきです!
我爱 你们,姐姐 何 哥哥!
I love you, mbak mas..
f o r e v e r ! :)

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