Monday, September 20, 2010

Nishikido Ryo new drama!!

JOKER Yurusarezaru Sosakan 
ジョーカー 許されざる捜査官

starring: Sakai Masato, Nishikido Ryo

Guys, this is the newest Nishikido Ryo J-dorama! This was aired in Fuji TV Japan since July 13 2010 every Tuesday 9.00 PM and the 10 episodes renzoku ended September 14 2010. 

some info?? okay, here it is.
"Date Kazuyoshi (Sakai Masato) is a detective on the Kanagawa prefectural police force. During the day, he is known as a "Buddha" for his gentle personality, pouring all of his energy into resolving each case. At night, however, he transforms into a cruel punisher as his gentleness gives way to his anger towards the criminals. The series poses questions about what justice and evil truly are"

Nishikido Ryo as Kudo Kenji was a Kanagawa Prefecture Police Department Identifications Unit
And to be honest, I still don't have any information what role Ryo played, what story? If I got some new info, of course I will write it more here. 

Well since I don't know much and I don't speak or read Japanese, so I will just give you some useful links to know more about this dorama.

More detailed information, just come to Dramawiki, see the link below.
Fortunately you can open this from Dramastyle and this from Metacafe which provided links to watch the episodes online.
D-addicts team already has the completed Japanese subtitles for this drama, just click here

I still don't have any idea what kind of dorama is this, but I guess it about crimes, mystery yeah you know the thrilling style of J-dorama. Alright I hope this is useful enough. Thanks!

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Dramawiki JOKER Yurusarezaru Sosakan
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