Saturday, May 07, 2011

damn I love SMANSA!

There may be plenty of SMANSA out there
but I'm so glad that I have this SMANSA as the place where I belong to.
uyeeah, SMANSA Purwokerto, I love you just too much! 

I love the white clean floor and the bright white wall all over SMANSA
where I can always find a nice place to sit on, a strong base to lean on.

I love the not-too-big and complicated school area  
It is just enough.
It makes us close to each other.
Even the building is bonding us.

I love the unity in diversity that is exist among us all
All ethnicity, religions, and races are standing together in peace
It is warm and cool at the same time. Nice.

I love the technology which is trying to keep us enhance with the global era
I love the so-Indonesia-like breath that is exist everywhere
but I love the harmony between them the most 

I love the SMANSA's art, both modern and the traditional one..
the dance and karawitan, each for a whole year, is awesome!
the kolaborasi makes it double-awesomes
then the barongsai triples the awes
and the co-existence among them makes it super-awesome!

I love the dynamic atmosphere and enjoy the changing of it
The hectic one, where everyone are busy dealing with their business 
The cheerful and joyful one, where everyone smiles to one another
The exams, the tasks, and the others that come alternately

I love the colorful moments that is maturing us
The friendship, the hardwork and the compromise,
the tight-competition, the clash and quarrels, 
the love and the heart-break   
the motivation, the support and the understanding
so many much more that cannot be described one by one 

I love the academics and non-academics that is strengthen us
The achievements and appreciations that grow our self-esteem
The re-generations and the never ending struggles on almost-everything
Thus creating our mentality as right now.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ I cannot come to the end of my list, oh yes there are still so many other things that I can add on this list. 

Let's not taking this as my ending, but take this as my point.
Point of confidence and trust

SMANSA is simply just too wondeful -- it is hard to write down all its wonders here. 
I'm incapable to do so, for sure, because there are too much thing I love about SMANSA.

I can say this at this moment, right here right now
Proudly, of course.

"Thanks God I'm SMANSA (Purwokerto)'s student!"

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