Thursday, May 19, 2011

the room

Sometimes I wanna share everything, as much as I can, to the world
But I do understand, that the world is willing to hold for some things, not all.

Sometimes the desire to say out loud what's inside my mind was just too overwhelming to be handled.
But I do realize, that not every single thing is supposed to be non-classified.

There is this place, that everyone of us possess, at least one place for each of us.
The place that is special for one and only one person.
Sometimes the boundaries of that place is somehow-clear and somehow-blur.

It is the Privacy.

At least one place as private-area that belongs to every man in the world
It is the Mind.

So, the things I have inside my mind,
the thoughts we keep within our mind
is belong to only our own self.

believe it or not, that place is specially designed for you
you are the one who hold the key of the passage
you are the one who fill it, bear it,
you are the guard and the net
thus any action towards it is all up to you.

be opened or closed, it is up to you.
filtering the things and persons to go in and out your mind, it is also up to you.
yeah, it is really all up to you.

Well, please do remember that there is also this condition

"My mind, my rule"

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