Saturday, May 21, 2011

tengah malam

when the clock strikes twelve, I wonder if it will end cinderella-ly
or will it end like nothing has passed?
di tengah malam seperti ini,
dalam keadaan terjaga, kadang pikiran sulit ditentukan arahnya.
hell yeah this is uncontrollable!


when the midnight comes,
the knight of thought is in the utmost power.

the mind is drifting swiftly here and there, walking through dimensions, creating expectations, drawing hopes and dreams, or even only night-dreaming..

anything is possible, hey you.
breaking-through the unbreakable.
digging the ground to reach the core
dwelling on unrestrained imagination

let it be, abandon your ideas!

explore the limitless horizon
in the fetterless perspective

therefore I say I fancy midnight.
especially when I know
"finally the night is mine"

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