Friday, September 16, 2011

well, sibship ?

Quick post aja nih.

Lagi lagi, lagi dan lagi, I thanked God I've got them as my sister and my brother, by blood :)

While friends out there are not always trustable and reliable enough -- in fact it is HARD to find the true ones, true friends and somehow there is always possibility they will turn their back on you and leave you -- I know my dear sister and brother will always be my trusted companions for my-whole-life :)
I just know it, maybe because I won't leave them either. Whatever things could be in our way, they will always be my cherished siblings to me.
Thankyou, Mba, Mas :)

I once wrote about my brother in this post, suatu saat aku bakal nulis juga tentang my dearest sister, yang jujur aku bingung mau nulis gimana -- eeeng, karna terlalu banyak yang bisa ditulis :)
Beberapa post di blog ini juga banyak yang aku tulis karna sesuatu yang aku dapet dari Mba Ais hehehe..
I'll definitely write about her in a good post, well yeaaah it has to be a good one for her :)

anyway, itu judulnya aslinya mau siblinghood, tapi ternyata dicek di oxford *lirik daftar link di sidebar kanan* tidak ada siblinghood dalam bahasa Inggris, adanya sibship. jadilah aku pake ini.
hehe maafkan belakangan saya lagi sombong uuuuh jelek banget sih >,<

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