Friday, March 23, 2012


God, who knows that one day I will see myself stand in this point again?

Here I am, consciously coming back, this kind of re-memory is somehow worth to think about.
Neither painful nor pitiful, I simply feel I've come over that, I think I'm fully ready to be what I am right now.
Well, have you?

I am happy, if that word is enough, that I'm here, living life with the joy and love from people around me
I'm continuing my life, I'm moving forward, I chase my dreams and my life is very awesome. I never think I would replace my status quo with anything.
For God sake, I'm blessed, so much blessed!

I was once in that circle, too. I was once portray myself at those portraits where they were magnificently spend their life. I was once imagined how much I will achieve, how much those once-in-lifetime stories worth for the rest of my life. I must've wanted that soo bloody much till I can go back here again, after sometime had passed. Because I was once dreamed for that, too.

Well I would never able to make a comparison, which one is better, here or there, since I never been there. And it means nothing but staying here is the best.

I realize life is not always giving what you want, it basically rolls your life upside down, to let you enjoy the wave, to let you learn your own lesson in every now and then.

I don't regret my coming back now. Because I'm learning, again and again about these everlasting lessons.
It is about acceptance and gratitude. 

God, please guide me with Your Light, always.

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