Monday, July 02, 2012

Look up Look down

Have you ever looked at something then you realized that you wanted that so badly?
Have you ever found a picture of someone and/or something then you wanted yourself in that picture, too?
Have you ever read a story of someone's and you wanted a day like that happened to you, too?

Just, have you ever had a feeling like "Oh I wish I had a gorgeous life like hers!"

Well, yes, I have. Those feelings are... inevitably sucks.
with the so called jealousies, envies, and even sometimes it could become hatreds, too.
they are really really really sucks. #pffftt

Isn't it pretty tiring to think about what they have and what we don't have
Like there's never gonna be enough, let alone satisfaction.
I think that's really depressing, exasperating --- totally aggravating.

Hey ya Nadhila!
Come on, get a life! If you have so much time to be wasted, you should have been able to make your life (more) gorgeous, too!
Ain't I wrong? You mind others life soo much, well, don't you have a life of yourself to be minded??

Let's see...
Different people usually have different life. If there are two people whom we are envy with, we would envy different things on them. Mostly of it happens that way, doesn't it?

Yeah that is what it is exactly!
Each person have their own life which is never gonna be the same with anybody else's life.
We are undoubtedly unique!

Do you believe that?
Personally, I do. I really do.
I believe every person in the world can have a damn ghorjewsh life if they appreciate every single thing is their own life, make it out maximally, and always be true to themselves.

All we have to do is stop complaining, stop grunting, and stop demanding this and that, 'cause that's what actually wasted our precious energy.

We gotta start living our life gratefully, think positively, live happily by doing good things we loved, and dare to challenge ourselves every now and then because that's what makes one's life interesting.
Which one is more appealing, a flat story with no problem to be solved, or a story which is full of intrigues and conflicts?

Wise people said, "Look up to challenge yourself, Look down to be grateful"
Do both of them on the right time then you'll definitely have a better life :)

Life is worth living on, so live your life to the fullest !

intended to my 17 y.o self, and Dear Readers who might have felt kinda the same

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