Sunday, July 01, 2012

Post-Midnight Post

Heyya Dear Reader, I feel kinda lost track of time. Here I come with some leftover energy but I'm still writing though lols

Firstly, I want to officially introduce you to my new blog "Life is like a Pen" . I think, ehm, my Life! blog is messy, with my current-super-random blog posts which I poured here. So I decided to have a special space for my ideas that is mostly only a piece of art. Yeah I call them "art", for both exaggerated and modest meanings :)
Please do come and leave some comments for me to be better in expressing my ideas. I would really appreciate your feedback.

Secondly, I do want to write more regularly as now I'm literally unemployed hahaha..
I remember I got promises to fulfill, I got things to write, but somehow I'm not always able to do create a post here. Please wish me be able to be more flexible and brave to face my own standard. Really, sometimes being a perfectionist is suck , LOL!

Thirdly, I'm really excited to welcome my college days in the next September. They said, enjoy your holidays now since you'll badly missed it when you've become a med student.  I guess it's true, it's gonna be interesting to learn a lot of new things yet rather "dreadful" also. In one statement, I'm anticipating my new days as a freshman :)

Lastly, to finally end this post, I do want to thank you, Dear Reader, for supporting me in any possible way:  leaving a comment, clicking your reaction on my post, even only visiting and reading my posts. I may not know exactly who you are, but I appreciate readers as I support reading-as-habit behavior.

Thank you and good luck! :))


  1. a full english post, yeeaaaaay! ehehehehe spamming comment box mu nih nadh~

    1. You inspired me, really haha gapapaa makasih yaa, ayo km lanjutin nulis juga! :D


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