Monday, September 06, 2010

amazed and wondering if...

well, this is about violin, which is a music intrument I have learned since my 14. It is already passed a year from my first time learning violin, and I have to say "My skill is just like a total beginner, not a year-violin player"
God, I feel so hopeless! 

I can produce sound, yes. 
But I am lack of tempo management skills, and I don't possess any further technique in violin such as vibrato, staccato, don't mention pizzicatto and so on. 
Really, I am still a beginner.

Well, I rarely had time to practice. I do have time, but at night, when I feel not good to play 'cause that will disturb my neighbors. And more often, I already exhausted enough when I reach home at almost-evening time. I feel so bad, really, 'cause I used to skip course and then eventually take a break from my violin course. I can't help, guys. I can not play violin with so much mind distraction. I feel so terrible, I hardly get good focused concentration to learn.

But I DO WANT TO BE BETTER! I begin to spend some time each day to touch and play my instrument. And when I play it, I realized how much I love music, how much I love violin. I will try hard and disciplined myself in order to be BETTER and PRO-er! 

And usually, if I see these videos, I get some motivations and spirit to learn harder. 

Hm, I do want to enroll in University of Indonesia. Do you know that UI actually has an ORCHESTRA as student activity? Yes, the name is Orkes Simfoni UI (OSUI) Mahawaditra. They are also great! I plan to join this orchestra if I will really be able to be an UI student. Check them out!

Pachelbel's Canon in D

J.S Bach Concerto in D minor

Alright. Hehe thank you for your visit and actually read my article. Keep spirit for us!  

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